MT:034: Reverse Hooker - Purse Taker (c-30)
An outstanding first outing from my ex-roomate, ex-bandmate, and long time friend, Drew Taylor (kisses give you powers, cop heaven, dirty couches, etc. etc.) During the recording of this i couldn't wait to grip a copy, the fact that he gave my first pick of tracks and allowed me to put it out under this imprint is a true honour. You've never heard of Reverse Hooker, but it's a name you won't soon forget.
Scott Johnson (maggot tapes, TOA, hunting rituals, etc.) puts it quite elegantly:
"FUCKIN REVERSE HOOKER blowin out my brain...drew taylor triple backflip chaos theory noir film elevator music psychadelics with dripping cat vocals!"

Limited to 35


MT:033: Tricorn & Queue - Chapter Sevra (c-20)
Thee most beautiful album i've ever heard.. Thee best Tricorn & Queue release i've ever heard. There is no use describing Jeff & Kane's work, as it would be an insulting understatement to the mastery that it is. Album of the fucking decade. 

Limited to 50

MT:032: Developer (c-20)
Two ten minute harsh blasts from Dayton, Ohio junk noise master and long time Myiasis family member Matthew Reis. This is the sound of ear cells dying, this is the sound of the 1977 New York blackout and the riots that followed, this is the sound of Athens on fire. Dude will always have a home on the Myiasis roster, as time and time again he blows me away.

Limited to 50

MT:013: Ryan Jewell / Aea - Home Made Pigeon Pt.2 (c-8 split)
The second of hopefully many C minus 10 splits from Ryan Jewell and AeA. Ryan starts it off with bird sound rippers. Lost space and easy openings to natures finest. Rip-cut-blast. The amazon gives zero fucks for the rip. AeA, brooding and sombre. The first recording in 3 years proves it's just like riding a bike. New ideas new attitude. Heavy wall with a slice of cocaine lime.
I've never considered myself to be a superstitious man, but i should have just skipped #13, cause this thing has been a fucking curse. Two computers have died losing both mine and Ryan's tracks, i ended up taking my side straight from tape on the last attempt because i didn't want to risk another. The covers i printed off magically disappeared, and i shit you not my long time running Akai finally burnt out while dubbing the third last cassette.

Limited to 47 (fuck those last three, i'm done with this tape)